The Night Where We Will Disappear

We lay there hand-in-hand, at home amongst the towering grass and silhouetted tombstones that looked like giant teeth in the dusk.
‘If only we could stay here forever.’ she said.
She rolled over to face me, her mouth barely an inch from mine. I could almost taste her.
‘Forever will be soon enough my dear.’
It wasn’t long until that day would come. That day where we would melt into the evening air and dissipate into the night for good. Become one with the yellow moon, the contorted trees, the swooping bats, the incandescent streetlights. The day where we would become the whisper in the wind, the flicker of candlelight in a lonely room.
I kissed her and rolled on top her graceful body, pressing her soft hand into the twigs and dirt of hallowed ground. She stirred beneath me tilting her head back and smiled. I ran my lips across her neck, gracing her freckled skin with warm kisses.
We made love there in the church yard.
Her dress smeared with soil, her hair collecting autumn’s discarded leaves.
Oh that day would come.