Virginia Clemm

The scratch of the feathered quill against paper
I am blinded with tears while writing
My young bride, a portrait so perfect
Her youthful lips and graceful sway
And a heart as full as the Atlantic
Love shall heal my weakened lungs 
"I love yous" murmured in a faint whisper
On the soft fabric of your deathbed
Will echo through my lowered head
For the remnants of my lightless years
And every cask of rot gut red and
Scripted verses of misery
Only aid in passing the time
Until I meet the same bleak fate
I'll die holding your St Valentine poetry
Close against my cavity of my chest 

This was inspired by the events concerning Virginia Eliza Clemm Poe - wife of Edgar Allan Poe. The couple  married when he was an adult and she was a thirteen year old girl (his cousin to be exact.) She died when when was around 24 of tuberculosis causing her husband to spiral into a dark place of drink and depression and her death possibly inspired many of his greatest works, Annabelle Lee and The Raven among them. The line "Blinded with tears while writing" is what Edgar wrote while begging her family to let her make up her own mind about marriage. And the line in italics is from a Valentine's poem written by Virginia in 1846.