How Late is Now?

Oh Mother, why must you keep me a prisoner in this dreadful house? Especially when it’s such a fine summer evening outside? I’m graced with the fleeting gift of youth, but I’m afraid I’m not a little girl anymore. My innocence was lost alongside my once beloved picture books and ragdolls. I’ve seen the way the workmen look at me Mother, their hawk-like eyes softening ever so slightly and the pleasant smiles that grow upon their rugged weather-beaten faces. I could have been taken on the moors many a time by now, their calloused hands catching on my hosiery and gently scratching the soft skin on my back, sweat of a hard day’s work soon flowing into that of pleasure. And that one man, that wonderful man with the pallid complexion and hazel eyes. He walks past in the half-light every evening Mother, and sneaks clandestine glances through the kitchen window. He has my heart Mother. And I want to give him my body, to punctuate the hidden desires beneath a full rich moon, glowing with the warmth of the season’s wine under the cherry trees. Oh Mother, why must I endure this fiendish torture?

I’m human and I need to be loved, just like everybody else does.

The title of this piece and the last line are a tip of the hat to the great brit-pop band The Smiths, the last line is taken from the song How Soon is Now? from the 1985 album Meat is Murder.