Scenes from Unscripted Movies

June 3rd, 1998

Wake all sleepy smile and bedroom eyes
Mid morning sun cutting sharp through the curtains
Tug of War - You vs. The Retriever
With your hooded sweatshirt as the rope

Downstairs, heartbeat is kept in time by the drip
Of the coffee machine metronome
Sprawl out on the couch and smoke some pot
Search for the remote proves futile

Nightmare on Elm Street marathon
With regular intermissions for popcorn
And a little softcore pornography
Jumping near out of your skin when the telephone rings

November 1st, 1999

Down a quiet suburban street she wanders
Past the litter left aside from All Hallows' Eve
Grievances being overbearing the past few months
She fumbles contemplatively with the craft knife in her jacket pocket

Late evening is spent upon the rooftop tiles
Not so tenderly nursing a hip flask of stolen scotch
Thoughts drifting to when he cleaned out your locker
And if his faith in God is a test or a punishment

Family buried your belongings under a heavy black tarp
Next to the rakes and shovels in the back of the garage
Similar to the one in which he wrapped your spent remains
And left in a shallow grave somewhere out west