She Played My Heart like a Forgotten Organ

My center rib cage organ feels as full as a glass of wine
And you’re pumping through my veins
Blissfully intoxicating
I swear I melted right into you on that grassy field
Under watch of a starry summer night’s sky
Your heart, it beat straight through your fragile chest
And made a new home inside the confines of my skull
I never slept so soundly
With you tangled tightly in my arms
She said, ‘All good things come to an end.’
And the words cut clear through
Part of my heart was left behind in that crowded city
On a shelf in that perfect room
Now I do want nothing better than to walk away from this plane
Because I don’t think I could feel more for any living thing
I guess I finally found my reflection
Blurred at the edges and reaching out part transparent
If only we could disappear like a pair of faint ghosts
To someplace far away in a different time zone
With the tallest trees and whitest snow
And there we could spend the rest of our days
In the haunts of an old home
Somewhere in the western world