Small Towns will Eat You Alive

Oh we’re running out of time
As the ravens peck out our eyes
His were bleeding and now yours are gone
We regret to inform you that your lovers dead
Hallelujah, your lover’s dead
Lay your worries to rest
Your lover’s dead

Strangled by swing sets
Burnt with his cigarettes
Just a merry go round for seating burnt out clowns
Such a small town
Girls sink down
Asphalt parks and autumn leaves
The loneliest sound
Cassettes in car stereos
Exhaust fumes on frosted ground
Smoke exhales from my black lungs
As you watch me smile...

You can't slit wrists with safety razors
You silly little thing
And cemeteries ain't just for the dead
Pull down your skirt after gruesome winter fling

Late for work
Better blow out my fucking brains
Or go out with shock horror
This toaster in my bath
A spot of bother
I'm a goddamn piece of shit
Minds closed tighter than a liar's lying lips

A hundred tiny anchors
Weigh down this heart
I long for escape
Fall out of the dark
Anchors aweigh
He's off to find another day
But her majesty hit an iceberg today
And the band plays as we all drown

I wrote this piece about five years ago while I was working a dead end job at a local grocery store, not  the most stimulating environment to say the least, though what menial job is? But I guess if something can be created out of it,it wasn't all in vain.