Stratford Little Theatre (the failings of)

Sun kissed smiles and emerald eyes
As dazzling as the vast ocean
A brush of hand, a speck of hope
Before your awkward silence
Causes it to slowly slip away

We seem to settle for inertia
Instead of grasping onto fleeting moments
And in turn they will hold us
With a haunting embrace for the many years still to come

She's still creeping into dreams
A much prettier incarnation of Death
But she still will not take my hand
Instead she makes me relive
When I just want this to end

And on the cold autumn night
When I wandered the halls of your parent’s house
In hopes of retaking that moment in desperation
Several years too late
I made it past the guards and the commotion
Of your younger sisters birthday celebration
And found you curled up beneath your bed sheets
But it was to no avail
You cannot recapture the unalterable past
I was already hurtling down the forlorn path of fractured time