Three Years of Night

A lengthy affair with the nocturnal sky
Carried out on near empty trains
And cracked sidewalks beneath towering city blocks
In the seat of a swing-set alone
The houselights of the suburban set
Flickered to life simultaneously with the stars
A crackling recording of lonely piano keys
With an aging monologue
Played as momentum was gained
I swung higher and higher
Until I parted ways with the wood and chains
And floated towards the heavens
Passing bats in flight
In the chill of the winter air
But I awoke on the parks dew-covered grass
In the wee hours of the morning
And carried on my way home

That night stayed with me like an infatuated scar
And swiftly took over my conscience
Until my mind was almost totally cloaked in darkness
It clung to me like cancer
Enveloping every cell
I would wake in the dreaded afternoon
Seeking solace in the shadows
Eventually rising from wine-stained bath-tubs
When the sun had finally sunk
Well below the horizon

I took an international flight
Back to my crumbling home town
And found it falling into the emerald ocean
I sat back and smoked a stolen cigarette
In company of sirens
And watched the buildings disappear
With the rising tide

Aboard another lengthy plane journey
This time to the city of fallen angels
Sipping an unfortunately petite whiskey
To play distraction to agitating thirst
I sighed and flirted with a pale reflection
In the cell like window
I watched the sun come up at around 3AM
While the other passengers
Got lost in dreams

Time has passed
One hundred broken clocks
With one thousand silent alarms
I've shown lovers their graves
And shallowly buried them in despair
I've grown absent from the Gentlemen's Clubs
And I have burnt a handful of carefully hidden photographs
The chemical drenched paper
Burns so strong and bright
These days my whereabouts is relatively unknown
(Apart from a select few that can be trusted)
To the rest of them
I have become a faded memory
Much like a late actor
From an almost forgotten silent movie
Although from time to time
My name is whispered on dead cold frosted nights
It carries in the haunted air
Through dying trees
And crooked tombstones
Drowning in the grounds
Of local Catholic churches