Photographs of Photographs

Have you read the news today?
We wander about aimlessly like lost children
In the shade of the city street
And each time we kneel in cubicles (our daily confession booth)
We’re losing touch with reality and wasting youth behind a computer screen
We’ve grown into these suits, and we’re growing bigger in these chairs
Looking forward to what the evening brings
To sit anesthetized in front of your color television
And slowly slip deep into a dreamless sleep

Why do we try so hard to make a connection?
These days it seems no one speaks with any conviction
Why do we try so hard to make a connection?
When every living creature dies alone

Any by the way,
Why do we take our fathers harsh word to heart?
He keeps walking in circles, in circles, in circles
And do you think he followed his dreams?
Or just gave in and settled for a nice house with a dog and a yard?
The final curtains closing in
And Death’s drifting closer in his sleep
And with his last breath, sighed upon white hospital sheets
He may only ask that you don’t do the same

There’s a siren in the night
But it’s not coming for you
And a long lost love letter,
Written by a familiar hand
But you can’t seem to make the connection
What will you do when you find out that the lifeboat that you cling so tightly to
Turns out to really be an anchor?
What will you do when you realize your life is already lost?