The Devil's Children (Novel Excerpt)

It was not a matter of weeks, but months, until Harry Edwards got any kind of reply from his childhood chum Adam Jones. And when it did finally come, it was in the form of a drunken phone call.
                It was around one AM, on a Thursday night (or technically speaking Friday morning), Harry was sprawled across his thread-bare couch in the midst of an X-Files marathon, a half-eaten bag of Act II resting on his stomach. He had actually jumped when the phone on his desk rang, spilling the remaining half of the bag of popcorn all over the floor.
                ‘Fuck!’ he cursed, brushing the kernels from the front of his black tee-shirt and argyle cotton boxer-shorts before trotting over to the phone. He had no fucking clue who would be calling him at this hour, unless it was his mom calling from the UK - it would be around nine in the morning there.
                ‘Hey man, have you p-played the new Silent Hill?’
                ‘Yeah man, I just got it, it’s actually really fucking good.’
                ‘Oh hey Adam. How are you buddy? And, no I haven’t played it yet, I haven’t even got a console anymore man. As much as I’d like one.’       
                ‘Well it’s good, you should play it.’
                ‘I haven’t got a console, I just told you.’
                ‘Get one then. Fuck man, I’m fucking drunk, like, I got your letter, and I t-think we should go – back to Eltham I mean, like, my dad’s giving me shit again about finding a job, like, he wants me to do landscaping or something, and there’s no fucking way I’m doing that, I’d rather drink my own piss twice a day for five days a week than do that man. I fucking hate it outside in the heat, and like, landscaping? Seriously? Fuck that man, fuck that in the fucking ass.’
                Harry laughed and picked a stray piece of popcorn from his shirt before popping it in his mouth. ‘Yeah, amen brother. But yeah, I’m super happy that you’re down to go back to the old town, it’ll be a hell of a lotta fun. Plus it means no landscaping or you and not being shackled to the Radio Shack for me.’
                ‘We should go soon. Like before Halloween, that would be cool, like we could dress up and get drunk. Hold on a sec.’
                Harry heard Adam put the phone down and yell something to somebody – most likely one of his parents. It sounded like ‘Iambeinquiet! Jessusfuck.
                Harry leaned against the desk and laughed.
                ‘Okay I’m back. So yeah, let’s fucking do this man!’
                Adam buddy, no need to shout I’m right here.’ Adam had always been so funny when he had been drinking, it was like all the anxiety and pressure he felt when sober came out in a big cursing catharsis. One time he ran onto the street and attacked a garbage can because he thought it was an evil robot from outer space, hell bent kidnapping him and probing him where he definitely didn’t want to be probed. In short, Adam was an absolute when liquored up. An extremely entertaining loon, but a loon nonetheless.
                ‘Dude, I got some cash saved up, we can do this pretty much whenever.’
                ‘My mom said she would give me money too. She says it will be good for me.’
                ‘It probably will be.’
                ‘What do you mean by that?’
                ‘Nothing. Just messing with  you man.’
                ‘Hey, I’m going to play Downpour some more. And I gotta piss. Bye.’
                ‘Bye Adam.’
                Harry smiled as he replaced the phone back in its cradle. It had begun, the cogs had started moving and things were going into action. Goodbye city of angels, hello small town of demons.