A Prayer for Late October

A Prayer for Late October - my debut poetry collection, is now available on Amazon.com.
Here's what fellow Lazarus Media poet, Mercedes Webb-Pullman had to say about the book...

"From the Bradbury allusion in the first poem I know the narrator has jumped, and he’s falling, a dark angel, like Lucifer from heaven.  Two opposing worlds witness as the poet leapfrogs time and space in harrowing glimpses of death and guilt and a search for redemption. 

He examines his past in black and white for moments of enlightenment in a Zen-like sense of the natural world reminiscent of Gary Snyder before he plunges back to the beginning of time and forward to a coffin where life goes on, Darger’s children call to him, death is stacked like preserves on a pantry shelf and his darker self watches, breathes down his neck as he ponders a resting place after the fall. 

I enjoy the way the poems, like views from various angles, add up to a single cohesive and surreal world, dark and disturbing. I was happy to inhabit it for a while, and yes, he did grow wings."