Betwixt & Between

Kidnapped by the chaos of my mind
A tempest so destructive
So utterly consuming
Than I am no stronger than a feeble leaf
In the hands of a hurricane
And even if I settle in the eye
It would be no more than the briefest of respites
Just a chance to catch my rasping breath
And be lulled into a false sense of security
Before these bones are wrenched into the agonizing heavens
Once again

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A Nighttime Companion

The night drew in
I cloaked myself in shadow
Waited in the gardens
Until she fell at my feet, exhausted
Gathered into my trusting arms
I carried her to the house of my father

We lay beneath the bedsheets 
Sharing breath and borrowed warmth
Our fingers laced so tight
As the rain patted against the windowpane 
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