We Grew Old Before Our Time

Childhood thwarted by realization and experience
A darling boy with streaks of grey
The falling stars burnt holes through upturned palms
Before setting the tree house alight

The scars still sit upon the neck
In the shapes of little kisses
Our bones now creak
When we try to take a lover’s hand

Can it be regained?
It floats just slightly out of reach
With sparkling eyes we watch
As it all just fades away
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There's Always Mexico

Trying to keep the aces in my hand
But these fingers won’t cease to shake
I’ve developed a penchant
For trying my luck at Russian roulette
No matter how hard I try and pretend
I know it’s just a matter of time
Each and every day
I make myself sick to the stomach
And do my best to hide in fiction
But this is more surreal
Than any pill-induced dream
And she’s just a fey as I am
So I’m putting down all I have
If all else fails
There’s always Mexico
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