The Casting Couch

Take a bow, and vow to never say goodnight
Behind the curtain, I'll be waiting
To grab and push you into the dressing room to undress that gorgeous actress
Kiss the places the flashbulbs wished they illuminated
And be strangled to near-death by the B-roll
Slightly bleeding on the cutting room floor
Silhouetted she stands, knife in hand
Ready to carve this heart into the shape of love
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I miss the days when I
Would drink myself into oblivion
Wake with the weight of indecisions
Heavy on my head
Or find I was sharing a mattress with my old friend Regret
It's been a while since I messed up that bad

The day can only get better from that moment on
And I'm sick of starting out so fervent
I burn out by midday

I was forever tired when I drank
And now I'm sober haven't seemed to wake up any
Then at least I had the epiphanies found in endless star-studded nights
 I just want to feel something again
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