Ambulance Bay

Armed with a camera and a flashlight
We climbed the concrete steps
To the old hospital grounds
With breath held tight in two pairs of lungs
We swept the incandescent beam across the gravel lot
And dirty window panes

Detritus scattered & nooks piled high with dead leaves
Didn’t quite deter us
Though the scuffling of a harried hedgehog
Caught us well off-guard
And speaking of such
They didn’t seem to be making their rounds
Years before, a former inmate
Had damn near maimed us both
Though, we weren’t acquainted then
And wouldn’t be for another several seasons

The camera flash illuminates like manmade lightening
The historic buildings and unkept shrubbery
Accompanied by the implicit feeling of being watched
It’s not until arriving home
When your wife is inspecting the subsequent shots
That the discovery is made
Of a gnarled visage
Peering from a window of the nurses’ quarters
Could this be the fabled Lady in Grey?
A late suicide, once found hanging from the shower rod
Or something older
And much more dark?