Online Publications


The Night I Drank with Charles Bukowski’s Ghost (published in Horror Sleaze Trash)

Foxhole (published in Horror Sleaze Trash)

Sirens (published in Ibexian Magazine, Issue 3, January 2014)

An Unknown Craft (published in Black Petals, Issue #69, Fall 2014)

Lakeside Doomsday Cult (published in Ash Tales)

MutualArt (Non-Fiction) 

Famous Paintings That Reflect Our Mortality Back at Us

Living Through Max Ernst's Week of Kindness

The Eternal Importance of Raphael

Digging for Secrets in The Garden of Earthly Delights

Inside Henry Darger's Outsider Art

The Etherealization of the Eternal Feminine in Late 19th Century Art

The Sadness Will Last Forever: Van Gogh’s Asylum Year

Surrealistic Stanzas: Paralleling Painting and Poetry

Great Art Heists of History

Flash Fiction 

A Midwestern Night's Dream (published in Flash Fiction Magazine)

The Shotgun Waltz (published in Apocrypha & Abstractions)


Explosions of Molten Rock and Teenage Flesh (published in Horror Sleaze Trash)

Humans of New York (published in The Bees Are Dead)

Coffee & Cigarettes / Jill's Middle Daughter / Stay Sane (published in Vending Machine Press

More Pills, Please / Ingénue / A Slow Surrender / Golden Acres Retirement Home (or Bobby Thorne VS. The Hourglass) (published by Secret History Books)

Summer Rain (published in Horror Sleaze Trash

Subdivisions for the Newly Dead (published in The Bees Are Dead)

You, Me, and 1959 (published in Literary Orphans, Issue 34: Rosalynn)

Exhumer (published in Horror Sleaze Trash)

Secret Historical Society / The Moon Through the Pines (published in Fourth & Sycamore)

The Waif (published in Horror Sleaze Trash)

The Rambling Park of My Youth (published in Full of Crow, Spring-Summer 2017)

Lights & Sirens (published in Horror Sleaze Trash Quarterly, Spring 2017 issue)

Pinhole Camera / Dark Chamber (published in Burial Day Books)

Old Bones / Summer Kills / Little Deaths / Mourning the Absence of Alcoholism/ Subdivisions for the Newly Dead / Shore Leave (published in Vending Machine Press)

Broken Television Screen / Post Prom Night / Blackout / Dio Cane (published in Horror Sleaze Trash)

Private Detective of the Heart (published in In Between Hangovers

Log Cabin Clearing / DEATH / Accomplishment & Relief / Dead Girls Do It Better (published in White Liquor) 

Pestilence in Our Most Heartfelt Prayers (published in In Between Hangovers)

Amourette / 20/20 51/50 / Hopelessly Devoted to Being Hopeless / Clyde Stays Home from School / Jane Doe Eyes / Another Poem for Dani (published in Horror Sleaze Trash)

Dead Months (published in Yorick Magazine, Vol. 2, Summer & Fall 2013)

Quarterlife Crisis (published in In Between Hangovers)

Submerged (published in The Bees Are Dead)

Alis Volat Propriis / Sophie, for the sake of Conversation / Self-Sadist / Something Happened (published in Synchronized Chaos Magazine

Funeral Party of the Year (published in In Between Hangovers) 

Always Answer The Phone If It Rings / Photographs of Photographs (published in Anti-Heroin Chic)

Perfect Weather (published in Your One Phone Call

Petite Blonde Walking Small Dog (published in In Between Hangovers)

Wanton Kittens Make Sober Cats (published in Your One Phone Call)

Arbor Day (published in In Between Hangovers)

Walls Painted Red / Where Am I? / Let It Die (published in Inner Sins, Issue 20, Summer 2015)

Palm Reader (published in In Between Hangovers)

A New Home in the Everglades (published in Inner Sins, Issue 19, Spring 2015)

Shakedowns Mistaken for Social Calls (published in Your One Phone Call)

Brecon Road (published in In Between Hangovers)

Fields / The Patron Saint of the Hopelessly Lost / False Dawn (published in Poetry Pacific, Autumn Issue 2014)

Watching Things Catch Fire (published in In Between Hangovers)

In the Mind's Half Light of Dreaming (published in Ink Sweat & Tears)

We Were Made for Paperback (published in In Between Hangovers)

Handbooks on Communicating with the Spirit World (published in Your One Phone Call)

Blue-Collar Crime (published in In Between Hangovers)

Mansionette / All & Nothing / The Lonely One / Arlington (published in The Horror Zine, July 2014)

Dreams of Aquarians (published in In Between Hangovers

Buffalo-Head Nickel (July 4) (published in The Los Angeles Review of Los Angeles, Issue Number Five, November 2013)

Into the Ether (published in In Between Hangovers

Boo Radley / A Sending / Hallowed Eyes (published in The Horror Zine, July 2012)

Alan Whickers & the Butcher's Hook / Hello Deer / We All Float Down Here / Three Years of Night (published in The Horror Zine, November 2011) 

My First Real Winter (published in Ink Sweat & Tears)

What Lies Within the Record Sleeve (published in Snakeskin Poetry Webzine)

DM du Jour 

Paris Skull (poetry) 

In the Company of Killers (poetry)

A Graveyard for Forsaken Wayfarers (poetry)

By Lamplight (poetry)

How Late Is Now? (prose)

The Town Hall (poetry)